Our Military Purchase Program

Competition INFINITI of Smithtown is proud to be participating in the Military Purchase Program to honor our active duty military members who are currently serving overseas. We recognize the sacrifice that our military heroes and their families have made, which is why we want to give a little back through this exciting program.
Available for qualified customers only.

Eligibility: (US Military program participants are divided into 3 categories): 

  • US Active and Reserve Military: Eligible participants are either Active or Reserve duty members of the US Army, US Army National  Guard, US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Air Force, US Air National Guard, US Coast Guard, US Public Health service Commissioned Corps,  and their spouse/domestic partner. 
  • US Military Veterans: Must be within 24 months of separation from Active or Reserve duty. 
  • US Military Retirees: US Military personnel that have completed 20 years of Active or Reserve duty. Retirees include those persons on  the Permanent Disability Retired List (“PDRL”) and Temporary Disability Retired List (“TDRL”). 

 Qualified US Military Personnel must provide  proof of eligibility to  generate your certificate and savings.  For INFINITI purchasers who wish to purchase a vehicle for themselves or their spouse/domestic partner  must generate a US Military Claim ID on the VPP website or by calling 1-800-299-4753. A printed copy of the  

Military Claim ID must then be provided to Competition INFINITI at the time of purchase. 

Proof of Eligibility: 

  • US Military Veterans, US Active and Reserve Military: Required documentation is their current active service Leave and Earnings  Statement (“LES”). 
  • US Military Retirees: Required documentation is DD214/NGB22 or other supporting documentation clearly indicating retirement  status. 

Important Program Information 

  •  US Military Program participants must reside in the continental United States, Hawaii, or Alaska. 
  • Spouses/Domestic partners of deceased retirees are not eligible to purchase in the program. 
  • US Military Program participants can take advantage of this program up to 2 times per calendar year. 
  • US Military Program purchases are for personal use only and cannot be purchased in a business name. Also, the discount is not  compatible with any vehicle sold or leased to a fleet account.