INFINITI Premium Cabin Air Filter

November 2nd, 2020 by

What Are Air Filters & Why Are They Important?

Air Filters catch all the dust, grime, dirt, and any other debris that may get sucked up past the air intake of your vehicle’s grill and into the engine. Without the air filter, debris and contaminants may compromise the engine and cause corrosion and abrasion. Clean air filters allow just the right ratio of air to fuel to enable the engine to function properly. Without a clean air filter, vehicles cannot perform properly or efficiently and the engine may burn more gas or get fewer miles to the gallon. A dirty filter also can rob an engine of power.

Why Premium Air Filters?

Premium Air Filters help:

  • Resist the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew
  • Prevent odors and the air inside the vehicle remains cleaner for a longer period of time
  • Remove most fine dust, pollen, road dust, soot, and bacteria
  • Prevent bugs, dirt, and leaves from harming the function of the heating, A/C, ventilation, and defroster systems

INFINITI Premium Cabin Air Filter Features & Benefits

  • Anti-microbial feature is electrostatically charged to help attract molecules
  • Help prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria and mold microbes on the filter surface
  • Encourages better airflow through the vehicle
  • Help filters stay cleaner, fresher, and last longer
  • Designed to OE specifications for easy installation

Air filters should be replaced every year, or sooner, depending on conditions. Keep in mind, wildfire and other external conditions could factor in a greater frequency of replacement. Visit and explore our large inventory of INFINITI parts and accessories!

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