How To Understand INFINITI Dashboard Features

When a light on your INFINITI dashboard goes on, you may be wondering what it means for the functionality of your vehicle. In this guide, we share with you what some of the INFINITI dashboard features mean as well as the actions you should take when they come on.

Temperature Warning Indicators

When this indicator is on, your engine’s temperature is too high. You should stop immediately and turn off your engine. You can also try turning on your heater to its highest setting.

Brake Trouble Indicators

This light can be on when the hard or emergency brakes are applied, or when there is a problem with the braking system. If you are absolutely sure that the hard and emergency brakes are off, this points towards a problem with your brakes, which can make it dangerous for you to keep driving. Pull over immediately and contact your dealership.

Airbag Warning Indicator

When the airbag warning indicator is flashing on the Supplemental Restrain System (SRS), this indicates a problem with your airbags. Contact your dealership as soon as you can to get the problem looked at.

Seatbelt Reminder Symbol

This warning symbol simply serves as a safety reminder to put on your seatbelt. It indicates that one of the passengers or the driver has not put on their seatbelt.

Door Ajar Symbol

This is also known as the “Door Open” indicator. When this light is on, simply close the door, trunk lid, or hatch. It can be dangerous to keep driving when any of these doors are open, so always make sure to heed the warning symbol when it is on.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Indicator

When the inflation on any one of your tires have been reduced by 25% or more, this warning indicator will come on. It is also known as a “Flat Tire Monitor” for this reason.

Master Warning Light

This light is indicated by an exclamation mark in a triangle. Although it can look serious, it can point towards something as simple as an ajar door. However, it can also point towards something more serious, such as low oil pressure. Text can be displayed on the dashboard when this light is on,

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