How To Turn Off INFINITI Passenger Airbag

One of the most significant safety features in a car is the airbag. However, there are situations when the passenger side airbag should be turned off. Are you carrying an infant in the car? If so, do you plan on transporting them in a child seat that faces backwards? If you answered yes to the abovementioned questions, you will need to learn how to switch off your front airbag in order to keep your young children safe from harm. Behind the front passenger visor is a handy, reminder sticker. Read all about the INFINITI passenger airbag and its handling procedures below.

Activating and Deactivating the Passenger Airbag

The system and steps for disabling the passenger airbag differ from model to model and manufacturer to manufacturer. You must read the manufacturer’s manual, which will outline all of the necessary processes. However, if the car has a Passenger Airbag Cut Off Switch, or PACOS, the passenger airbag can be turned off. To avoid any potential faults, you must turn off the ignition in most circumstances to disable the airbag. Remember to re-activate the airbag if a front passenger is going to be riding with you again.

If you’re utilizing a front-facing kid seat, don’t turn off the front airbag.

How Do I Activate the PACOS?

The PACOS is normally found on the passenger side of the instrument panel. It could be on the dashboard, in the glovebox, or on the side of the dashboard, requiring you to open the passenger door to reach it. There will be two places on the switch: on and off. A specific key must be inserted into the switch and turned to shift it from one position to another. The illumination of one of the control lights in the dashboard normally indicates that the airbag has been deactivated.

You should double-check if the airbag can be turned off. This feature isn’t available on all cars, especially older ones. The passenger airbag will always be triggered if the car does not have a switch to activate or deactivate it.

Important Reminders for Handling Vehicular Airbags

The things you need to check for when handling vehcular airbags are as follows:.

  • The deactivation switch is located in the glovebox in some automobiles. In others, it’s at the passenger door at the end of the instrument panel.
  • Look for the deactivation lock if the switch is in the glovebox.
  • Put your automobile key in the ignition. Turn it to the ‘off’ position until the white mark points to it.
  • Put the glovebox away. Turn on the ignition from the driver’s seat.
  • Take a look at your dashboard. The warning icon for airbag deactivation should light up.
  • Always reactivate the front passenger airbag once you’ve finished transporting your child in the front seat.

Competition INFINITI Can Assist with Airbag Deactivation

When it comes to vehicular adjustments and alterations, Competition INFINITI can assist you with turning off your airbag module and even remove certain parts or accessories as your needs necessitate. Our collection includes dependable vehicle components, and our friendly team of expert car dealership employees would be happy to serve you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or seek additional information, and if you are unsure about anything, consult your Owner’s Manual.