How To React When The INFINITI Slip Indicator Light Comes On?

Slip light controls help drivers regain traction when they are on a slippery surface or patch. In case of traction control issues, the slip light will be illuminated on your INFINITI vehicle’s dashboard. But don’t panic. Firstly, INFINITI vehicles are some of the safest and most technologically advanced vehicles on the road. INFINITI’s dashboard indicator lights illuminate briefly when you turn on the ignition before going out. However, if the slip light remains on, there could be a significant problem. It is necessary to determine where the fault is in order to turn off the slip light.

To know how to react when the INFINITI slip indicator light comes on, keep on reading!

Slippery Road

If the light comes on and goes off, you are probably just driving on a slippery road, and the TRAC/VSC systems are working properly. The light indicates that the traction control is working. If your vehicle lacks traction control, it is prone to rotating or sliding out while driving. Something may be wrong if the slip indicator light comes on while you’re not driving in slippery conditions, and your wheels aren’t spinning. Consider having it checked out.

No Need for Fix

Your car has sensors on its wheels. The sensor sends its data to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). The PCM will be able to determine whether a specific wheel is causing the vehicle to lose traction when the data is sent. In order to restore stability and traction, the engine power will be automatically adjusted to the problematic wheel and the slip light will go off once the wheel is back on track.

Hit Reset

Whenever you are stuck in dirt, snow, or mud, you should turn off your TRAC system. As soon as you return to stable ground and shut off or restart the engine, or increase the speed, the TRAC system should reset itself.

You can even manually reset or turn off the slip light indicator. In some models of INFINITI, there is a TRAC button on the main console dashboards. The light can be turned off by pressing this button. If the slip indicator light does come on or flash even when you are not driving in slippery conditions, it may indicate that the system hasn’t been engaged. It may be a good idea to reset your engine.

Fixing of ABS Control Unit

One of the most important parts of the vehicle is the ABS control unit. It is accountable for observing the ABS sensors, retorting to these signals, and adjusting brake pressure. Based on feedback received from each wheel, the ABS control unit controls each wheel accordingly.

Stability is maintained through this process when braking and steering are applied. It is hazardous to operate an ABS control unit that is defective. Defects in any of these components will result in the malfunction of the slip light. The ABS control unit should always be checked by taking your vehicle to a mechanic.


Slip indicator lights often indicate a flat tire that needs to be fixed and should be taken to the shop. The slip indicator light will stay on if you place a tire wrongly or if you have an impaired valve stem. It is best to get your INFINITI vehicle fixed as soon as possible.