How To Know If Your INFINITI Radiator Has Malfunctioned

The radiator has one crucial job: to protect your engine from overheating. When used, internal combustion engines generate a lot of heat. The coolant in your car runs through the engine and radiator, absorbing heat and cooling it with the air moving through the radiator. If your INFINITI radiator isn’t working correctly, it can result in a variety of serious issues for your INFINITI vehicle. Here are some warning indications that a radiator is faulty or failing.

Low Coolant Levels

You most likely have a leak if your vehicle’s dashboard keeps showing a “low coolant” indicator or if you have to keep topping up coolant in your radiator. If you need to refill coolant on a regular basis, you should take your car to a reputable technician for an urgent diagnostic.

Sludge Building Up in the Radiator

The coolant in your radiator should be bright red, green, or yellow in color. If your coolant begins to discolor, turning rusty or oily, this is a sign of contaminant accumulation in your radiator. Contaminants can have a substantial impact on how well your radiator works. A lot of factors might cause your engine coolant to discolor, so have it inspected by a professional as soon as possible.

Coolant Leaking Out of Vehicle

You may have a leak if you observe coolant pooling under your stationary car. A coolant leak is a dead giveaway that something is amiss. This should be rectified as quickly as you can, whether it is caused by a fault in the engine block, a hose, or the radiator. To find out what is causing the leak, a pressure test is needed. Contact the experts at Competition INFINITI now for more information.

Vehicle Overheating

One of the most typical indications that a radiator is malfunctioning or poor is if the car continually overheats, even under normal driving circumstances. The radiator is the one thing that can keep the engine cool. However, overheating does not imply that the radiator has failed. It may be as easy as making a coolant replacement, or it may be a more serious situation.

Approach Competition INFINITI

If you suspect a problem with your radiator or discover that your radiator is cracked, please approach Competition INFINITI. If your INFINITI vehicle begins to overheat or face other problems, you should seek repairs as soon as possible. Your engine is a costly piece of technology, and continuous overheating or other issues can cause extensive damage, resulting in an engine that does not function correctly or even begins to fail. This might result in a hefty repair charge, which can be completely avoided by being proactive when issues arise. Here at the Competition INFINITI service center, our skilled technicians are experienced and can provide high quality yet affordable servicing for your INFINITI vehicle.