How To Know If You Have Intermittent INFINITI HID Headlight Issues

Your headlights looked a little dim last night, but they look okay tonight. Or maybe, last week, one of your headlights was out, but the next time you turned your car on, both headlights were working.

If your Infinity is experiencing intermittent HID headlight issues, just because it’s “intermittent” doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be taken care of right away. Not only is it a safety matter, having both headlights operating appropriately is the law. If law enforcement notices you driving with one or no headlights on, there is every chance you will get a ticket.

The following information will give you a few tips as to how to troubleshoot intermittent INFINITI HID headlight issues.

Noticing Headlight Issues

“How to notice problems” with one or both headlights isn’t all that difficult:

  • You may not feel like you can see as far as you used to at night because the road in front of you isn’t properly illuminated. Your bulbs are likely dimmer than usual, in this case.
  • You might notice one headlight out, while the other one is working.
  • Both headlines may be out.
  • Your headlights may be working well one day, then presenting a problem the next, then seemingly okay again the next day, etc.
  • Your high beams may work but your low beams don’t or vice versa.

All of these point to a problem.

Troubleshooting Common Problems with HID Headlights

Only one headlight works: This could be bad wiring, a bad HID ballast, or a bad bulb. The defective part will need to be identified before you can fix it.

Sporadic operation: If your lights work inconsistently or from time to time one side turns on and off, the issue could be power. Wiring connections should be checked. Make sure your battery is properly connected. Discuss a “wiring harness” with a technician.

Flickering headlights: This may have something to do with the computer system in your vehicle; or it could be a loose connection, inadequate power, etc. A technician should check your headlights.

High/low beams are inverted or not working: This is probably a problem that you will want checked by a certified technician, but it may have something to do with the connector pins in your vehicle and their polarity.

The headlights simply will not turn on: Again, this may be a polarity issue, which you want checked out by a certified technician. It could be wiring, as well.

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