How To Know If You Have An INFINITI Dead Battery

If you have an INFINITI dead battery, you’re not going anywhere for a while. Why is that? Because a dead battery is exactly what it sounds like – dead.

If your battery is dead, your car is not going to start. There are times when this comes as a surprise. Other times, however, there may have been warning signs. If you knew what to look for, you could’ve replaced your battery and not be in the jam you’re in now. Before you get stuck somewhere with a dead battery, keep in mind the following signs of a battery that may be failing.

Illuminated Check Engine Light

Oh, that dreaded check engine light! If the computer in your car is sensing there isn’t enough energy being sent, it may trigger the check engine light. Have a technician see if the battery is why the light came on.

Problems with The Electrical System

Your car’s electronics can present numerous problems if you have a bad battery. You may notice dimmer headlights and dashboard lights. Your windshield wipers and power windows might move slower than usual. The power these need isn’t being delivered because the battery is failing.

A Weird Smell

You may smell hydrogen sulfide coming from a damaged battery. How will you recognize that? The rotten eggs odor gives it away. Have a technician check your battery immediately if you notice this.

The Battery Case Is Swollen

If you see a bloated battery case, the battery may be building up hydrogen gases due to an overcharge. You can’t save the battery if you see a misshapen or swollen battery case. As soon as possible, have it replaced.

Hard Starts

Your battery could be on its way out if you hear a clicking sound when you turn the key in the ignition. It could be a starter, as well, but the get the battery checked first. It’s the cheapest fix.

You Needed a Jump to Get Your Car Started

Your battery may be on its last legs if you need a jump to get it started. Have a new one installed if you find yourself needing a jump twice a week or more.

The Battery Is Simply Old

Nothing lasts forever and that includes car batteries. More times than not, there is a 3-to-5-year life expectancy for most car batteries. This of course depends on extreme cold or hot temperatures, your driving habits, the quality of the battery, etc. You might want to have your battery checked out by a certified technician if it’s getting up there in years.

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