How To Identify INFINITI Transmission Failure Symptoms

Early discovery of problems with your vehicle’s transmission, as is the case with any other component of your automobile, can save you thousands of dollars and avoid additional damage to your INFINITI. Because of this, it is essential to acquire the knowledge necessary to spot the warning indications of transmission failure and to understand what actions to do when you begin to encounter these failure symptoms.

How To Identify INFINITI Transmission Failure Symptoms

Burning Smell

If you smell something burning coming from your vehicle, you should get it checked out at the nearest auto shop as soon as possible. If you smell this stench coming from your transmission, it may be a sign that it is overheating or that the transmission fluid is old and burned.

Refusal to Switch Gears

If your car is difficult to shift gears or completely refuses to do so, the problem is almost certainly occurring within the vehicle’s transmission system. It’s possible that your car won’t shift gears because the transmission fluid level is too low or that you’re using the wrong kind of fluid.

Sounds When in Neutral

When your vehicle is in neutral, and you hear strange noises emanating from it, this is a clear indication that there may be a problem with the gearbox. The sounds could be telling you that the transmission fluid in your automobile needs to be changed, at which point a mechanic would flush out the old fluid and put in the new one. On the other side, it may also indicate that your vehicle needs a new part or further maintenance performed by an experienced auto repair.

Slipping Gears

It is not only unnerving and worrisome if the gears on your vehicle randomly slip in and out of position while you are driving; this scenario is also risky, since it is never a good idea to operate a vehicle with a transmission that is slipping, as this can lead to serious accidents. If you hear the tires squealing as you are shifting gears, you will know that your transmission is not working properly. It is sometimes equated to the sensation of driving over ice, as there is no apparent traction on the road. This sense can be very frightening. A delay in speed, unusual noises, and a generally unpleasant response when you try to shift gears are some of the additional indications of slipping gears. Moreover, slipping gears can cause damage to the transmission.

Leaking Fluid

Leaking transmission fluid is one of the most obvious signs that there is a problem with the transmission. If you observe a crimson fluid with a pleasant scent leaking from underneath your vehicle when it is parked in a garage or parking lot, you should inform your mechanic that they need to examine the transmission fluid level and investigate for probable leaks.

How Do I Deal With Transmission Issues?

It is excellent practice to perform a thorough inspection of the fluid levels before beginning any troubleshooting. In the event that the issue is not caused by insufficient fluid levels, the issue may be a mechanical one. If you are encountering any of the symptoms described above, or if you have any other inquiries relating to vehicle repair, please contact the Competition INFINITI as soon as possible and make an appointment for service.