How To Fix INFINITI Airbag Warning Light

Airbags are one of the most important safety features of your vehicle. Airbag lights are part of the Supplement Restraint Systems, which link the seat belt sensors with the airbag. As soon as your car starts, the airbag light flashes for a few seconds before turning off, signifying that the internal system check has been completed. Although airbag repair is not a common repair service, it is necessary occasionally.

When your airbags deploy in an accident, they require replacement and the sensors reprogrammed. If you haven’t been in an accident but are still experiencing airbag issues, your dashboard will show the airbag warning light. It indicates your airbags are deactivated. They won’t deploy properly in an accident.

The problem is serious and should be rectified immediately. It also happens that the airbag light is on by accident, and it only needs to be reset. It is possible to fix most issues yourself. Here’s how to fix the INFINITI airbag warning light.

Step 1: Igniting and De-igniting

Activate the ignition switch. Once the airbag light turns on, wait for seven seconds. Then, turn off the ignition switch and wait three seconds. Ensure that the initial steps are repeated twice or thrice before starting the engine. Your car’s airbag light should illuminate for seven seconds before shutting off if everything is done correctly.

Step 2: Do a Test Drive after Restarting the Car

A power cycle may be necessary for your car, just as it is for your mobile phone. Take this step if the airbag light doesn’t stay on too long. Go for a quick drive after restarting your ignition. It is most likely that the problem has been resolved if the airbag light fades away perpetually later.

Step 3: Check the Passenger Airbag Switch

You should check the passenger seat airbag on or off button first when trying to turn off the airbag light. People may have accidentally turned off the airbag light, causing it to malfunction.

Step 4: Fix Faulty Airbag Sensors

Sensors play a major role in the operation of a car, especially in more modern INFINITI models. During a collision, sensors ensure that airbags deploy. The SRS relies on multiple sensors installed in different parts of the vehicle. You will see the airbag light on if any of these sensors break, corrode, or malfunction. You can resolve the issues by replacing the bad sensors.

Step 5: Ensuring Proper Fastening of Seat Belts

Airbags can be activated if the SRS detects loosely strapped seatbelts since it is concerned with safety. Airbags can be automatically disabled even if seat belts are not worn. Seat belt sensors can be damaged as a result of things as simple as a spare change that falls between a fastener and a buckle. Make sure nothing is stuck inside your buckle before replacing your sensors.


If all else fails it is best to take your car to the nearest INFINITI service center and get it checked. This is going to be relatively expensive but the mechanic will be able to resolve your issue quickly.