How To Choose The Best INFINITI Hybrid Car

In recent years, the increasing popularity of hybrid cars would have brought them to your attention. Hybrid cars make use of a combination of an electric motor and a conventional combustible engine. This helps to make cars more energy-efficient and batteries can be recharged. Some hybrid cars can operate on electric-only power for short distances. The best hybrid car for you will largely depend on your lifestyle needs – we share with you more about different types of hybrid cars in this guide.

Mild Hybrid Cars

A mild hybrid car is one that cannot be powered by electric power alone – the electric motor is simply there to serve as assistance. The main purpose of owning a mild hybrid car is to reduce the emissions output of the vehicle. The electric motor can give the combustible engine a boost during acceleration besides serving other assistive purposes.

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)

As its name implies, you can charge a PHEV by plugging it in at an electric outlet. These cars can travel farther using only electric power when compared to conventional hybrid cars. If you are able to charge your car at home and you only have a short commute to work, this means that you would be able to get there solely on electric power. As and when needed, your car can always fall back on the petrol-fueled engine.

Range Extender (REX) Hybrid Cars

In this type of hybrid car, the combustible engine is only used to charge the battery of a hybrid vehicle, instead of powering the wheels. REX hybrid cars are also known as series hybrids.

Self-Charging Hybrid Cars

In contrast with PHEVs, a self-charging hybrid car cannot be plugged in. Instead, they charge while you drive. This is achieved through the energy generated in the vehicle’s engine or brakes.

Should You Buy A Hybrid Car?

With the increasing popularity of hybrid cars over the past decade and the stricter environmental policies that are being put into place, getting a hybrid car can make both financial and environmental sense. If you are hesitant to make the switch to a fully electric car, getting a hybrid car can be a good middle ground. The process of purchasing a hybrid car is not vastly different than that of buying a petrol or diesel car, and you can choose to buy new or secondhand, depending on your needs.

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