How To Change INFINITI Windscreen

The windshield’s function is far more sophisticated than merely providing a view of the road ahead. It is a structural component of the vehicle since it adds to the strength of the A-pillars and roof. The windshield aids in the management of impact energy and has become an essential component of various modern safety systems. This is why having an authentic INFINITI windscreen that is in tip top condition is of utmost importance in ensuring your safety on the road.

Recommendations from INFINITI

You may have some questions about the requirements when you are carrying out windscreen replacement by yourself. After all, there are always guidelines to follow regarding the replacement of technical parts of a car. Fret not as INFINITI has some recommendations that you should follow to ensure a safe and effective windscreen replacement:

  • INFINITI recommends using a Genuine INFINITI Urethane Adhesive Kit if you can find it. Otherwise, a similar product will work too.
  • Remove the lane camera unit bracket and the cover bracket from the windshield glass without first removing the lane camera unit bracket. The lane camera unit bracket and cover bracket must be replaced as a set with the windshield glass.
  • Remove the lane camera unit bracket and the cover bracket from the windshield glass without first removing the lane camera unit bracket.
  • The rain sensor cannot be reused once it has been removed from the windshield.
  • It is critical to leave the door glass open during the installation procedure until the stationary glass installation is complete. This will assist to avoid breaking of the sealant if the doors are opened and closed, generating a pressure difference.
  • For curing time criteria, consult to the urethane manufacturer’s instructions, and do not use adhesive after its expiration date.

Refer to the Service Manual

Each INFINITI vehicle comes with its own service manual. You should always refer to the service manual that is specific to your INFINITI vehicle when replacing any parts, and this include the windscreen.

Another thing to note is that vehicles equipped with a forward-facing camera, in particular, must have the camera picture calibrated after you replace the windscreen.

Approach Competition INFINITI

If you suspect a problem with your windscreen, such as cracks or scratches, it is important to get it replaced at your earliest convenience so that your safety on the road is maintained. If you are confident in handling the windscreen replacement properly by yourself, do so. Otherwise, it is always best to approach a reliable and trustworthy INFINITI service center. Here at the Competition INFINITI service center, our skilled technicians are experienced and can provide high quality yet affordable windscreen replacement and other types of servicing for your INFINITI vehicle. Approach Competition INFINITI today and our friendly customer service representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.