How To Change INFINITI Tires

While we’d like to believe that our vehicles are always reliable in getting us from one point to another without incident, life happens. Imagine you’re driving along the expressway when you suddenly hear a loud boom. You look into your mirrors and see that one of your tires has blown out. Here at Competition INFINITI, we want to ensure that you know precisely how to get your INFINITI car running again. Fortunately, replacing a tire is a short process that allows you to go back to driving and get to a service station to acquire a new one. Read on to find out how you can change INFINITI tires by yourself.

Summary of Steps for Changing INFINITI Tires

At a glance, these are the basic steps to take when you are changing your INFINITI tires:

  1. Ascertain that you are in a safe location on the side of the road with enough of space to operate.
  2. Get your jack, tire iron, and spare tire ready.
  3. Take your time to release your INFINITI’s wheel lugs before jacking it up.
  4. Remove the flat tire and replace it with your spare.
  5. Lower the car slowly and ensure sure the wheel lugs are completely fastened.

Locate a Safe Spot

When you recognize that you have to replace a tire, locate a safe area to pull over and complete the task. When you find a parking place, engage the parking brake, and put on your warning lights so other drivers will notice you.

Loosen the Lug Nuts

Loosen up the lug nuts when the tire is still on the ground before jacking up your INFINITI vehicle

Jack the Vehicle Up

Raise the jack by placing it below a secure section of your vehicle’s chassis and removing the lug nuts on the tire that has to be replaced. When the lug nuts have been removed, take off the damaged wheel and replace it with the spare. When the spare is in place, replace the lug nuts and slowly lower the vehicle. To avoid losing the spare tire, properly tighten the lug nuts once more when the car is back on the ground.

Put Everything Back

After you’ve completed all of the steps above, put everything back in its proper place and obtain a brand-new tire.

Approach Competition INFINITI

When it comes to your car’s spare tire, it is critical to understand that they are not designed to be used in conjunction with the rest of the tires on the vehicle. Once your tire has been replaced and you have safely returned home or to your destination, you should schedule an appointment to bring your car to our service center at Competition INFINITI. We can ensure that you have a replacement tire properly mounted on the vehicle before we check to make sure you’re ready to depart. Our highly skilled specialists will have you back on the road in no time!