Car Filters and Why You Should Change Yours Regularly

November 13th, 2019 by

Car filters play an important role when it comes to the overall performance of your car. A clogged filter can result in a loss of power, dirty smoke, oil light or even engine failure. It’s important to understand that your car filter should be replaced regularly.

There are four main filters in a car; the cabin filter, oil filter, fuel filter and air filter. These filters enable air flow and catch dust and contaminants that are in the air, fuel, or dirt in the motor oil. Champion Auto Parts shared with us some helpful tips on Car Filters And Why It’s Important To Change Them. Here at Competition INFINITI of Smithtown, we summed up and compiled a small list of things you should know about your cars filters.

Cabin Filters

Cabin Filters clean the air that comes into your car through the heating and air conditioning. It filters out dust, pollen and other airborne particles.

Changing your cabin filter will result in:

  • Breathing fresher air
  • Longer life of your car’s A/C heating system

Air Filters

Air Filters prevent insects, dust, particles, sand or debris reaching the engine. This ensures a good mixture off air and fuel to support performance.

Changing your air filter will result in:

  • Better car performance due to a clean air flowing into the engine
  • Good combustion which will decrease fuel consumption
  • Clean and clear car exhaust

Oil Filters

Oil Filters maintain continuous oil flow by purifying the motor oil so that it can do its job efficiently.

Changing your oil filter will result in:

  • Longer and more efficient engine life

Fuel Filters

Fuel Filters remove particles like dust and rust in the fuel. This protects your fuel injectors and helps maintain the performance of your car engine.

Changing your fuel filter will result in:

  • Cleaner and more efficient engine performance
  • Keeping some car parts in good condition

Changing your cars filters will make a huge difference in your cars overall performance. Although most people don’t think about it, it is important to maintain and change your filters regularly. You can look at your vehicle’s owner’s manual for more information or see a professional. Here at Competition INFINITI of Smithtown we recommend seeing a professional to check or change your cars filters. Stop by with your INFINITI Q50 Red Sport, the model that is known for its performance, to make sure it is performing at its best. Stop by and let a professional check your INFINITI QX60 to ensure you with a cleaner and more efficient engine. Schedule a service online or stop by our Express Service.  Be sure to also take advantage of our parts and service specials! It’s important to make sure your car is in its best working condition for the winter. Read more helpful car tips to help you and your vehicle get through the winter safely.

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