2022 INFINITI Q60 vs. 2022 Volvo S90

The 2022 Volvo S90 is an elegant and cosmopolitan sedan, with a sophisticated exterior and cabin that is rich in both luxury and safety tech. What happens when it goes up against the 2022 INFINITI Q60, a coupe which is lauded for its beauty, turbo V6 and outstanding performance?

Design & Style

The INFINITI Q60 has the look of a classy sports car that is built for both luxury and power. Indeed, those that upgrade to the Red Sport edition will get track level performance, and it now comes with Apple CarPlay wireless and as with previous generations buyers have the option of all wheel drive. The cabin is exceptionally comfortable with seats covered in soft and soothing leather with touch displays which are large and high in resolution.

The Volvo S90 is distinctive for its Scandinavian minimalism which the brand has become known for. Buyers get the option of a hybrid setup and its latest features include the B6 engine (which phases out the T6 used in previous generations) along with an infotainment system that is Android based. Its sensors have also been upgraded.

Technology & Safety

The list of safety features found in the Volvo S90 is a long one, as the brand is world famous for protecting its passengers. Just a few of its countermeasures include cruise control which is adaptive, emergency automatic brakes, frontal collision alerts, lane management and a host of airbags. Luxuries within its cabin include nine inch touch displays, climate control, powered seats, brushed metal, open pore style wood and true leather upholstery.

The INFINITI Q60 is one of the safest cars on the road, and ties the Volvo when it comes to the sheer protective features it offers. Passengers will be protected by emergency automatic brakes, cruise control that is adaptive, alerts for cross traffic in the rear and the ability to monitor blind spots. Its cabin luxuries consist of a sound system from Bose, wifi, climate control, powered seats, rotary controller and steering which is power adjustable.


Those that purchase the INFINITI Q60 Red Sport will get maximum performance with a dual turbo, V6 engine that can generate 400 horsepower, allowing it to accelerate from zero to sixty in an impressive 4.5 seconds. The Volvo S90 is equipped with a hybrid plugin engine that can also generate 400 horsepower with the ability to accelerate from zero to sixty in 4.5 seconds.

The Bottom Line

Both cars have the exact same horsepower, 0 to 60 acceleration times and luxury/safety features, which make this contest a close one, yet the Volvo S90 has a glaring flaw, and this is its lack of smartphone integration. Given the fact that most people these days own such devices, not offering integration with them is a problem, and makes the INFINITI Q60 the winner.

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