2022 INFINITI Q50 vs. 2022 Chevrolet Spark

The 2022 Chevrolet Spark has received praise for its affordability, active safety tech and brisk handling. But how does it compare to the 2022 INFINITI Q50, a classy car which many regard as the best in its class?

Design & Style

The Q50 is a sedan which is both sleek and luxurious. The formidable powertrains combined with the trim and space makes it irresistible to many buyers. The hood is creased, with lines that are curvy and confident, and those that choose the Luxe or Pure trim will get lots of attractive chrome accents. The Chevrolet Spark is also pleasant, the type of car that will be driven by college students and newlyweds. It has plastic body cladding with rugged parts and an interior which is basic without being drab. The seven inch touchscreens in the cabin are high mounted and the upholstery patterns are easy on the eyes.

Technology & Safety

The best thing about the Chevrolet Spark is its ability to avoid collisions before they occur. It does this through safety features such as emergency automatic brakes, notifications when departing lanes, ten airbags and rear sensors that help a lot when attempting to parallel park. It has received a good rating from the IIHS and features comforts such as Bluetooth, dual USB ports, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and infotainment. The INFINITI Q50 has outstanding rollover protection, which earned it a five star rating. It has many other safety features such as a camera with surround view, lane and cruise control, the ability to monitor blind spots and emergency automatic brakes. Inside, passengers will be treated to all sorts of luxuries, including power seats that can be adjusted eight ways, climate control that is dual zone, leather upholstery, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, powered moonroof, Bose audio, satellite navigation and heated seats.


The INFINITI Q50 comes with a 3 liter, V6 engine that can generate 300 horsepower with 295 pounds of torque. While many models use traditional power steering, some use steering by wire, which is meant to give drivers greater control. Those that want even more power can upgrade to the Red Sport edition. The Chevrolet Spark is outfitted with an inline 4, 1.4 liter engine that can only produce 98 horsepower, that is wedded to a five speed manual transmission.

The Bottom Line

The Spark is an economy car that is no real match for the luxurious INFINITI. It is hampered by a puny engine and is devoid of most luxury features, and as such is not the sort of car which is driven by anyone with deep pockets, so the Q50 wins.

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