2020 INFINITI QX80 vs. 2020 BMW X6

The 2020 BMW X6 has become iconic for its great shape, outstanding performance, and formidable twin-turbo engine. But can it compete with the likes of the 2020 INFINITI QX80, a titan SUV which many regards as the industry’s most powerful?

Design & Style

The INFINITI QX80 looks great with its twenty-inch wheels and a lush three-row cabin that is covered in Nappa hide leather. The mesh grille in front is classy with a floating badge that is an improvement over previous versions. The seats are tall and upright which provides excellent outward vision, and the vehicle has lots of space which makes it ideal for cross country trips. The BMW X6 has an outer frame that slightly resembles the shell of a turtle, and it works. It is wider and longer than its predecessors, with a nose that has been sharpened with a bold kidney grille that gives it a touch of sophistication, especially when it lights up. Inside the cabin, passengers are presented with 12.3-inch displays with a horizontal layout that is rich in soft-touch leather.

Technology & Safety

BMW is highly regarded for the safety of its vehicles, and the X6 is no exception. It is equipped with all the latest active safety countermeasures, such as parking sensors, emergency automated brakes, lane departure notifications, LED lights that are adaptive and driver assist. Those lucky enough to sit inside will be treated to luxuries such as Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, heated/cooled seats, USB-C port and panoramic moon roof. The INFINITI QX80 is similarly equipped, with automated emergency brakes, frontal impact warnings, the ability to monitor blind spots, adaptive lights and a camera that is installed into the rearview mirror. Cabin perks included heated/cooled seats, Bose sound system, and eight-inch touchscreens, Bluetooth Support and Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.


The INFINITI QX80 is outfitted with a V8, 5.6-liter engine that can produce 400 horsepower with 413 pounds of torque that is wedded to a seven-speed automatic transmission.   The BMW X6 comes with a 3 liter, inline 6 engine that is turbocharged and capable of generating 335 horsepower, which allows it to go from zero to sixty in approximately five seconds.

The Bottom Line

Both of these SUVs are classy and provide a very comfortable driving experience. That being said, the QX80 has a huge performance advantage over the BMW X6, which is also marred by cramped headroom in the rear and poor vision, and when you consider the fact that both SUVs are similarly priced, it becomes clear that the INFINITI is the better buy.

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