2019 INFINITI QX30 vs. 2019 Jeep Compass

The 2019 Jeep Compass has received lots of positive attention for its customization options, impressive interior, outstanding fuel economy and the option to add a Trail hawk. But how does it compare to the 2019 INFINITI QX30, a vehicle which has dominated the SUV market for years due to its style, interior, and wide range of trim options?

Design & Style

The QX30 is distinctive for its roofline which is swoopy and fender flares which have a dark finish. It has three trim levels, which are Sport, Luxury and Premium, and it can be purchased in either all or front wheel drive. The Sport trim has fascias in the front and back which are aggressive and the interior is exceptional in every regard, with surfaces that are either padded or stitched. The Jeep Compass is instantly recognizable for its grille with seven slots and its headlights. Although it is similar to the Grand Cherokee in some ways, the designers have made it unique with its roof with two tones, alloy wheels, and comfortable cabin.

Technology & Safety

The Jeep Compass has received good scores from the IIHS, with a superior rating for its frontal crash protection. However, it received poor scores for its headlights, which stopped it from winning the coveted “Top Safety” award. Despite this, it comes with a number of counter measures to protect its passengers, such as automatic emergency brakes, frontal impact notifications, blind area monitoring, and lane control which is active. Within the cabin passengers will enjoy air conditioning, Bluetooth support, and touchscreens with 7 inches, keyless ignition and USB chargers. The INFINITI QX30 comes with seven airbags standard including those which protect the knees, along with cameras for surround view, brakes which are antilock, stability control, warnings when departing lanes and cruise control which is adaptive. Inside passengers will be treated to touch screens with seven inches, climate control which is dual zone, front seats that are power adjustable, and nappa leather.


Each INFINITI QX30 comes with an inline 4, 2 liter engine that is capable of producing a minimum of 208 horsepower with 258 pounds of torque. It also has a dual clutch, seven speed transmission which gives it quick acceleration. The Jeep Compass was built more for comfort than power, and comes with an inline 4, 2.4 liter engine that can produce up to 180 horsepower with 175 pounds of torque, with and nine speed automatic transmissions.

The Bottom Line

While the Jeep Compass is an impressive vehicle, its poor safety scores and lackluster performance in comparison to the QX30 means that the INFINITI is the better vehicle.

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