2019 INFINITI QX30 vs. 2019 Hyundai Kona

The 2019 INFINITI QX30 is highly regarded and considered by many to be ideal for those buying their first SUV, due to its style, comfort, handling and cost. But it faces a rising challenger in the 2019 Hyundai Kona, an SUV which is fun to drive due to its efficient gas mileage, relaxing cabin and infotainment. Which is the better deal?

Design & Style

The Hyundai Kona has a very sporty appearance, with an exterior shape that is well executed. Its headlights are divided into small bands which sit on top of thicker bands which are above the prominent air intakes. Its cladding extends from the fender to the bumpers, and the sides have all sorts of lines and creases, giving it a slightly futuristic look that will appeal to both Millennials and Generation Z. Within the cabin passengers will be presented with oblong style insets for climate control and audio with a big touchscreen that is adjacent to the binnacle which has lots of gauges. Style wise, the INFINITI QX30 is very much the opposite. Where the Kona is sporty and colorful, the QX30 is dark, elegant and refined, the type of vehicle that will appeal to mature drivers. The exterior is covered in smooth flowing lines which are swept back to the rear, while the interior is covered in premium materials and buttons which are easy to use.

Technology & Safety

The INFINITI QX30 now comes with emergency automatic brakes as a standard feature, along with other safety tech that is active such as notifications when departing lanes, a camera with surround view, blind area monitoring, headlights which are high beam and automated and cruise control that is adaptive. Passengers will be comforted by climate control which is dual zone and automatic, seven inch touch screens, a moon roof that is panoramic and leather seating. The Hyundai Kona has received the coveted Top Safety Pick award from the IIHS, the result of its many safety countermeasures, such as frontal impact warnings, emergency automatic brakes, LED headlights, lane control, blind area monitoring, and all-wheel drive. Comforts within its interior include a sun roof, leather upholstery, eight inch touch screens, charging for smartphones and powered seats.


The Hyundai Kona comes equipped with an inline 4, 2 liter engine that is capable of generating 147 horsepower with an automatic six speed transmission. The INFINITI QX30 is equipped with a turbo 4, 2 liter engine that can generate 208 horsepower with 258 pound of torque.

The Bottom Line

Although these SUVs take different design approaches, each is impressive in its own way. Be that as it may, the Kona has a skimpy back seat, its dual clutch is a bit jerky, and it lags behind the QX30 when it comes to engine power and acceleration, so the INFINITI wins.

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