2019 INFINITI Q50 vs. 2019 Dodge Challenger

Many consider the 2019 INFINITI Q50 to be the emperor of mid-sized luxury cars. It’s fabulous exterior, wide range of power train options and roomy interior truly make it a force to be reckoned with. But Dodge has presented a rival in the form of the 2019 Dodge Challenger. This car is famous for its power and muscle but has also been updated with a host of luxury and safety features which some believe will give the Q50 a run for its money.

Design & Style

The Challenger uses a retro design which is very similar to the 1970s version, and it works. It is unapologetically masculine and muscular, with a grille in front that is deeply inset with headlights that are spherical. It has a wide frame overall, with prominent haunches in the rear and slabs along the sides. The fascia, spoilers and hood are all aggressive and within the cabin the dashboard cants to the driver, with touchscreens that are seven or eight inches depending on the variant. The INFINITI Q50 chooses a completely different design approach. Its designers emphasized its sophistication and luxury over raw power and aggression. Although it has smooth curves in most places, in others it has sharp creases which indicate that is capable of spellbinding performance when needed. The front bumper has been revised, with dual tailpipes on the bottom.

Technology & Safety

INFINITI is known for making its vehicles safe to drive, and the Q50 is no exception. Drivers and passengers will be protected by frontal impact warnings, emergency automated brakes, lane control, cruise control and the ability to monitor blind spots. The outward vision is also superb, thanks to the decision of the designers to provide more glass. Perks within the cabin include leather upholstery, Bluetooth Support, dual UBS ports, and heated/cooled seats. While Dodge added new safety features to the latest Challenger, it is still lacking in others, the most important of which is emergency automatic brakes. However, it has performed well on crash tests, and comes with six airbags, assistance with ascending hills, and a camera for the rearview, blind area monitoring and alerts for cross traffic in the rear. Interior amenities include suede upholstery, Android Auto or Apple CarPlay and climate control which is dual zone with power seats.


Performance is the bread and butter of the Dodge Challenger. It comes with a V6, 3.6 liter engine that is capable of generating 305 horsepower. The INFINITI Q50 answers with a V6 engine of its own that is turbocharged and capable of generating 300 horsepower.

The Bottom Line

Everything that the Dodge Challenger does, the INFINIT does better, and given that the Challenger still lacks an essential safety feature, the Q50 is the clear winner.

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